Wigan Internal Relief Road


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The first phase of the contract involved the installation of a United Utilities rising main to accommodate the profile of the new dual carriageway. Phase two of the works involved the construction of Tensar earth retaining wall structures which linked to the new bridge over the Leeds/Liverpool canal.

The schemes involved the following work elements:

Phase 1

  • 6m deep excavations to accommodate a new 300mm rising main beneath the profile of the new dual carriageway
  • Installation of 1 No drain off chamber and 2 No valve chambers
  • Installation of 60m of 300mm polyethylene sewer main using electro fusion collars and butt weld joints
  • Backfill and testing of system to 18-bar pressure
  • Works were facilitated and only 2 No 30 minute shut downs were required to disconnect the main and reconnect it to the new system

Phase 2

  • Cut and fill to accommodate Tensar’s proprietary link block retaining wall system
  • Lay link block system along 400m by 3m high to link to new bridge structure
  • Clad retaining wall in feature stone
  • Bulk filling and earthworks to retaining walls
  • Associated kerbing works
  • Fixing of reinforcement to bridge abutments and decks