Knowls Lane Retaining Wall


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The contract involved a ground works package, which included bulk excavations, deep drainage,concrete works, waterproofing and backfilling to basement structures.

The schemes involved the following work elements:

Phase 1 incorporated the road closure and bulk earthworks to widen the lane to accommodate the extra carriageway width and footpath. Batter stabilisation was put in place to provide a safe working environment.The reinforced concrete retaining wall was then cast in stepped sequences to accommodate the new retained heights. After placing back of wall drainage backfilling operations were carried out to the appropriate levels. The concrete retaining wall was then clad in imported and reclaimed stone.

Phase 2 incorporated the installation of the carriageway drainage and service ducts. On completion of the carriageway drainage the road formation was excavated and filled with compacted sub base, ready to receive the bitmac. Environ kerbs were the preferred kerbing system throughout the project. Bitmac was laid to the carriageway and footpaths with white lining completing the phase.

Phase 3 incorporated the regrading of the farmer’s field and site compound. The opening of the new section of carriageway and footpath allowed the removal of the pedestrian diversion and traffic management.