Drumchapel Sub station


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The structure involved the phased demolition and removal of two super grid transformers and associated structures. Two new transformer plinths and bunds were constructed with associated bases. The new transformers were enclosed with new brickwork enclosures.

The scheme involved the following work elements:

  • Site establishment and compound setup.
  • Erection of palisade fence and gates.
  • Asbestos removal to redundant plant and workshops.
  • Removal and disposal of oil tanks.
  • Demolition of oil tanks plant rooms and workshops.
  • Excavate and construct two new transformer/cooler bunds
  • Excavate and construct associated structure bases.
  • Install compound drainage and full retention interceptor.
  • Dismantle and remove two super grid transformers and associated equipment.
  • Excavate and lay ducting and pre cast concrete cable troughs.
  • Construct brick fire enclosures to new transformers.
  • Erect steel grillage roof with chequer steel plating.
  • Install pre-cast concrete roofs and pour concrete structural slab.
  • Lay sarna felt roof to transformer enclosures.
  • Install 4 hour fire proof doors and louvers.
  • Lay and test earthing grid to substation compound new electrical equipment structures.
  • Install 4 hour vermiculux fire boarding to internal fire enclosures roof steelwork.
  • Compound finishes and external works.