Barmere Bridge Replacement


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This contract involved the replacement of a failed arched bridge on the A49 North of Whitchurch. The project involved the acceleration of the contract programme to overcome unforeseen ground conditions and the subsequent revision of the piling design. Environmental Control measures were set in place to overcome the pollution risks to the existing river and adjoining S.S.I site. Atlantix operatives with Scottish Power authorisations were used to facilitate working beneath the existing live 132Kv overhead lines in accordance with GS 6 code of practice.

The scheme involved the following work elements:

  • Installation of temporary Bailey bridge.
  • Diversion of buried services.
  • Facilitate steel tube piling contractor.
  • Installation of permanent sheet piles by excavator mounted piling hammer.
  • Demolition of existing bridge and abutments.
  • Construction of reinforced concrete bridge abutments.
  • Installation of new pre-cast concrete bridge deck beams.
  • Construct reinforced concrete in-situ bridge slab.
  • Installation of interceptors, gullies and associated carriageway drainage.
  • Form batters and landscape embankments.