Altmouth Pumping Station


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This Environment Agency contract involved the construction of a new 33kv primary substation with transformer plinth and bund and included the replacement of the old diesel run pumps with a new electric pumping system.

The scheme involved the following work elements:

  • Reduced dig excavation
  • Construction of 300mm reinforced concrete raft foundation and walls
  • Reinforced concrete transformer plinth and bund walls to water tight bunds at 33kv and 11kv
  • Reinforced concrete slabs for associated apparatus
  • Power floated slab with service trenches and cable pits
  • Fabrication and installation of galvanised support steelwork to 33kv cells
  • Cavity wall construction
  • Pre-cast concrete roof slabs
  • Internal decoration
  • Petrol interceptor and deep drainage
  • Charcon P.C. troughs
  • G.R.P. Doors
  • Security fencing to transformer bund
  • Top soiling and landscaping