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Project: Legacy Water Treatment Works / New Penypalmant Reservoir Works

Client: Dee Valley Water –Barhale

The schemes involved the excavation and construction of new reinforced concrete and brick valve and meter chambers with associated low and high pressure ductile iron pipework within the clean water systems and treatment works.

The Legacy scheme involved the following work elements:

 Deep excavations to expose existing   pipework

 Shut down periods on the reservoir to remove valves    and meters and replace with new

 Construct new R.C. wash-out chamber and new R.C.    meter chamber, both with easi-lift lockable covers

 Deep excavations to install 200mm x 150mm ductile    pipework connecting the newly constructed R.C.    reservoir to the existing system

The Penypalmant scheme involved the following work elements:

 Construction of brick chambers which allowed for the     installation of new meters and valves

 Testing of all the pipework including high pressure to    17 bar

 Backfilling to structures

 Kerbing and footpath formation

 Tegular paving to entrance and parking areas

 Top soiling to landscaped areas