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Project: Oldham Retaining Walls

Client: Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

The five-year framework involved the removal

and reconstruction of failed mass masonry dry

stonewalls. The scheme was divided into twelve

projects varying in value from £120,000 to £1.5

million. Atlantix construction commenced the

framework as preferred sub contractor to Dew

Pitchmastic. However from 2005 to 2007 we were

promoted to principal contractor responsible for

delivering the projects within time and budget.

 The schemes involved the following work elements:

● Traffic management set up

● Demolition and excavation of the existing failed mass

   masonry wall

● Batter stabilisation and sheet piling

● Construction of reinforced concrete retaining wall

● Masonry walling to retaining wall

● Carriageway drainage and services

● Kerbing

● Resurfacing and white lining

● Top soiling and landscaping