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Project: Liverpool Sub Station

Client: Barhale Construction

The contract involved the construction of a new substation and transformer bases for Scottish Power.

The works consisted of providing a full construction package from inception to final handover. The sub station was built in a pedestrianised city centre location, which involved out of hours working and delivery restrictions.

The schemes involved the following work elements:

● Establish the location of all known services

● Break out structure footprints and reduce level dig

● Construction of 300mm R.C rafts foundation to transformer bases and    control    building

● Construction or R.C walls up to d.p.c in control building

● Construction of R.C walls to watertight transformer bunds

● Construction of 8M long by 6M high R.C blast wall

● Construct R.C bases to accommodate new compactor and baler units to    service yard

● Power floated slab, service trenches and cable pits.

● Fabrication and installation of galvanised support steelwork to 33kv cells

● Cavity wall construction

● Pre cast concrete Kerkstoel roof slabs

● Concrete roof screed laid to falls to accommodate Isulation and felt

● Anodised aluminium copings to parapet wall

● Petrol interceptor and drainage

● Internal decoration